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Joe Ralegoreng

My Volleyball Life and Friends

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When i was young i was actively involved in different sport codes more especially soccer and high jump and that was when i was at primary school, when i got to secondary school i continued with what i knew best in which is soccer and high jump but later during the year (1995) i realised that i was multi talented.


I went around different sport codes which were offered at junior secondary school to find which sport really suits me, i tried Softball, Lawn tennis, Table tennis, chess then later i went to Volleyball where i realised the game  was full of fun.

Here are some of my pictures from different vacations I took.

Eish! its sunny and humid here.
Old habana(Cuba) tourist arena

Debswana Cup Runners up 2007
Mafolofolo Volleyball Team (Men)

This page contains some of my pictures when i went to Durban For World Cup Championship Qualifying games and Cuba (habana) for All Africa games preparations).

In discussion with Mauritius Libero after game

After a tough game against Mauritius Volleyball Team. Here with me is a Libero player for Mauritius

Getting ready for the game to start against Maurit

Guys getting ready for the kick off against Mauritius. Ralegoreng was among the guys with number 14.


Volleyball Actions

Botswana Volleyball team lining up for the game

Botswana team lining up for their game against Mauritius. Johannes Ralegoreng is the player wearing number 14.


Currently I’m one of the highly rated players in the country because of my stable performance in my club in which I do the same role in the national team at the moment .

Joe and H.E the President of Botswana in Cuba
His Excelency the President of Botswana & Joe Ralegoreng in Habana (Cuba)

i continued playing volleyball till i got to Senior secondary then i joined one club in my home village called Motlakase Volleyball Club in which i was groomed to be a better player, then later i was selected to join the national U-20 team where most of the coaches started knowing about me and my potential. I was recruited by different clubs in the country where at the end Mafolofolo Volleyball Club which was the best team in the country by then was victorious through the help of Josephine Ntshinogang who was my coach at secondary school and now my team mate.

I play as an outside attacker in my team and have a few roles to play in my team including back court attack and being a chief receiver. i have played in Zone six club championship tournament in Namibia and Botswana in 2001 & 2 as defending champions respectively becoming bronze medal finalists in 2002. I played in Africa Club championship held in Tunisia in 2001 as well. For the national team as I do the same as well. I played in the world championship qualifying games in 2005, Gold medalist for Zone 6 national team championship in 2005 and also played at Africa Nations Cup in 2005 held at Egypt. Currently we are preparing for the All Africa Games Qualifiers to be held in Namibia in February.